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Thank you.


I am so grateful to the instructors at Academy of Art University, for putting up with my relentless peskiness, spelling corrections, and eager inquisitiveness.

I also want to thank Custom Printing Inc., of Oxnard, California, for always supporting me and printing the projects along the way, and for our 20 year print relationship. Your service has always been absolutely five star, and I appreciate you so much. 

To Carrington, who hung in there with me, literally with me in my office during COVID 19, answering endless questions about color choices and preferences and without whom I would truly have lost my mind.

And to my son, Henry, who has been the greatest inspiration in my life. Thank you for the unicorn lunchbox on the first day, the unending support and encouragement throughout the entire process. You and Gracie are my shining lights.

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